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David's Give Me 5!

5+3 essential recommendations
from a Mucho Brand Strategist

David is our Lead Strategist. “A normal human being in the quest for meaning”, he would say. He is in fact a true believer in conscious business and a less but better ethos. We see in him a unique combination of strategic thinking and design culture.


Rams documental

Rams, by Gary Hustwit.

On this documentary Gary Hustwit portraits Dieter Rams, one of the most influential (industrial) designers alive. His design and his ethos, distilled into the now well-known Ten Principles for Good Design, have been an inspiration for consumer products like we know them, and heavily influenced brands like Braun, Apple or Vitsoe.


Instagram: @dieter_rams_design          

Instagram: @gary_hustwit


Vipp Cabaña

VIPP shelter, by VIPP.

As they call it: a human charging station in the woods. This wonder hideaway in the Swedish forests is designed and made by Danish brand VIPP to blend with nature while giving dwellers all they need, and nothing else, with painstakingly good quality and taste.

The Shelter condenses decades of steel work and design legacy, that started back in 1939 with the now iconic bin designed by the founder, Holger Nielsen.


Instagram: @vipp


Aceitera Marquina diseño

Marquina 1961 oil cruet, by Rafael Marquina.

The Marquina 1961 is the Mediterranean culture shaped into an object. Back on the day, it was a foundational stone of modern Spanish industrial design. A perfect blend of form and function. Today it is an icon that Nani Marquina and the Marquina family keep producing and sharing with the world.




VV visualise graphics
Visual ideas

Visualize Value, by Jack Butcher.

VV is an ever-evolving compilation of powerful ideas explained in the most simple, visual way. Besides the library VV is a global community and learning platform for people building skills, ideas and businesses.


Instagram: @VV


The knowledge project

The Knowledge Project, by Shane Parrish.

On this podcast Shane Parrish shares key lessons and timeless insights for life and work from what other remarkable people have already figured out. An invaluable source of great thinking going from philosophy to science and technology, from sports to parenting.




Zimoun art


Swiss artist Zimoun builds sound sculptures that combine mundane objects with technology to create beautifully simple and hypnotic sound systems.


Instagram: @studiozimoun


Design principles and methods
Open source


An open source collection of Design Principles and methods. A compendium of thinking behind the way teams, companies and institutions design.

Twitter: @dsgnprinciples

A philosophy of walking

A philosophy of walking, by Fréderic Gros.

In this book, leading thinker and philosopher Frédéric Gros explores people and lives that were shaped by walking. He walks with Rimbaud, Nerval, Rousseau, Nietsche and Kant, to name a few. Gros charts the many different ways we get from A to B—the pilgrimage, the promenade, the protest march, the nature ramble—and reveals what they say about us.