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5+3 essential recommendations
from a Mucho Designer

Elena is a graphic designer whose personality is pretty much based on internet memes. She loves music – from The Magnetic Fields to Arca – as well as fashion, and is known for her Y2K-inspired outfits.



A Flamenco Catharsis

A magazine that offers a new perspective on flamenco tradition.


Instagram: @a.flamenco.catharsis


Elena Solaz-Ruta del Bakalao
Cultural Movement

Ruta del Bakalao

A cultural movement that hides many graphic design secrets worth appreciating.

More info: Ruta Gráfica

Criatobal Hara Elene Solaz

Cristóbal Hara

The vibrant images of this photographer narrate the history of Spain, a country marked by its cultural contrasts.

Instagram: #crsitobalhara


Elena Solaz-Taipei Story

Taipei Story

A mournful odyssey of one couple’s promising future slowly eroded in the changing landscape of China’s consumer culture. Directed by Edward Yang in 1985.

Website: Movie info
Instagram: #Taipeistorymovie


Elena Solaz-PC Music
Record label

PC Music

Not only a record label, but perhaps just as importantly, a visual art collective that is turning the music industry inside out.

Instagram: @pcmus


Souvenir de Paris

“Souvenir d’un Futur” by Laurent Kronental

A brutalist take on the romantic Paris we are all familiar with.

Elena Solaz-Nike Shox and Crime

Nike Shox and Crime

Made by Sometimes Always, a graphic design-art direction studio, this is an extract from Adolf Loos seminal’s “Ornament and Crime” where every incident of the word “ornament” had been replaced by “nike shox”.

Website: Sometimes Always
Instagram: #nikeshoxandcrime


Elena Solaz-Dalle2test


Random creative CGI ideas turned into reality through DALL-E.

Instagram: @ai2you2