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Ana’s Give Me 5!

5+3 essential recommendations from a Project Manager. After three years working as a designer, she joins Mucho as a project manager bringing these two worlds together. Since her arrival, she has collaborated in projects such as Entel or Catalana Occidente Group.


Alice Aedy


A creative storyteller striving for a better future”. Alice Aedy is a documentary photographer, film-maker and campaigner focused on telling human stories of those on the frontlines of the climate crisis, refugee crisis and the fight for women’s rights.

Through her own work and shaping her images through storytelling, she strives to imagine a better world. Hoping that if we harness optimism and imagination, with the most powerful tool we have – communication – we can build the world we so urgently need.




Elogio al horizonte


Eduardo Chillida (Donostia, 1924 – 2002) was always in pursuit of the unreachable. His work consisted of defining the void that animates matter. He carved iron, sculpted granite, alabaster, steel, wood, modelled clay…

All over the world, Chillida created monumental sculptures, being Elogio al horizonte (“In praise of the horizon”) one of them. This sculpture is a refuge that compels contemplation of the immeasurable. It praises the limits and celebrates them, giving us the opportunity to look from a new perspective.



Inside the lives of noteworthy individuals. Faculty department (Vol.2)


By Justin Chung.

This book reflects on the life of 23 individuals over the course of 20 chapters. Creatives and artists such as Miro Chun (from Miro Made This), Jessie James (from Supply Paper Co.) or Olivier Abry (from Wo & Wé) are included in this compilation of stories.

In this collection, Chung reminds us to enjoy the simple, often subtle and forgotten, things that make our lives meaningful. I invite you to do the same.




Boa Mistura

Shaping a transformation

A multidisciplinary team born at the end of 2001 in Madrid, whose story began with roots in graffiti. Their work is mainly developed in public spaces and his aim is to improve people’s quality of life through his graphic work, materialized in plastic interventions in different environments and scales. They understand their work as a tool to transform the city and its people.

With worldwide presence, Boa Mistura has developed projects all over the globe, such as Brasil, Panamá, Cuba, Spain or Africa.



Giveme5 onfilmonly

On film only


Photography is a unique way of preserving and saving moments. For years, it has been one of my favorite ways of capturing people and places. Not only that, but doing it in analog, always makes it a little more special.For those indecisives like me, OnFilmOnly, makes it a little easier to decide which film to buy and, with a simple tool, recommends the film we can use depending on our preferences. Give it a try!




Participantes para un delirio


In this podcast, Coco Dávez, tries to freeze forever afternoons in her studio chatting with people from different artistic fields. These conversations show us how all these people live through creative crises, how they work on inspiration or how they see the world through their eyes to end up raving about their favorite dish.

Unfortunately, only those who speak Spanish will be able to enjoy it… Taking advantage of New Year’s resolutions, maybe this is the time to start learning a new language!



Giveme5 tomrosenthal

Tom Rosenthal


British audiovisual artist, composer and singer-songwriter. With a repertoire of approximately 150 songs and 7 albums, but no record deal or world tours. All of his albums were released by himself on his own label, Tinpot Records.

Most likely it is the everyday stories Tom tells that make his songs warm and relatable. Each of those songs hide a joyful nostalgia, making us reflect and think about life and, sometimes, all its nonsense.


Spotify: Link to the artist.

Giveme5 copito



Copito is a project by Clara Infante, a natural dyer and multidisciplinary maker and artist based near Barcelona, Spain. Her explorations with plant and earth pigments are often manifested through her sculptural wax creations.Ochres, browns and greens… the colors Clara uses come from the natural environment of Garraf, the region of Catalunya where his home-studio is located. Super beautiful and sustainable pieces, which I hope someday will light up my home.