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Bruno’s Give Me 5!

5+3 essential recommendations from a Mucho Designer. Despite initially considering a career as a professional makeup artist, he ultimately chose the path of graphic design. Alongside his work, Bruno is an avid content creator, particularly enjoying crafting videos on TikTok.

Grim B 11

Grim B


Korean illustrator and founder of Studio Grim B. Apart from client work, they have a series of illustrations depicting the life of a couple in love, showcasing the joys and nuances of their day-to-day life.


Elisabeta 2

Elizabeta Porodina


Born in Moscow in 1987, Elizaveta Porodina is undoubtedly one of the most relevant photographers currently in the fashion industry. She photographs with a very distinctive pictorial style, with which she handles colors like a painter.


Ignasi monreal

Ignasi Monreal


Born in Barcelona, he is a multidisciplinary artist halfway between art and fashion. His surreal style has led him to work with brands such as Gucci, Bulgari, The Rome Opera, Cartier, among others.


Taylor swift

Taylor Swift


Who says clichés can’t be awesome? This American singer-songwriter has traversed every genre imaginable, from country and rock to pop and indie, all while delivering masterful lyrics. Her discography is considered a true work of art, studied in universities around the world. Many predict she is bound to become the best-selling artist in history.


Punta 5



This place serves the best pizza and carbonara I’ve ever had. It’s an intimate, dimly lit space adorned with amazing art. And the branding is top-notch. Good design paired with good food? Count me in.


Tarik Barri 3



Eurovision, an iconic musical event, unites European countries in a competition full of talent, diversity and emotion, captivating millions of viewers each year with its extraordinary melodies and performances.

The magic of Eurovision lies in its ability to unite people from different cultures and backgrounds through music. From emotional ballads to catchy tunes, the competition offers a wide range of styles that reflect Europe’s musical diversity.


Tarik Barri 2

One Day

TV Show

Based on the novel of the same name by David Nicholls, this series follows the 20-year relationship between Dexter and Emma. It will make you question everything you know about human connection and love. Available on Netflix. Watch it.


Tarik Barri 2

Beyoncé’s "Renaissance"


Beyoncé’s album ‘Renaissance’ injects vitality into a stagnant cultural landscape. It’s refreshing to see a pop icon like her embrace the specific aesthetic of ‘Renaissance.’ This bold choice stands in contrast to the prevailing trend of catering to commercial interests in the streaming-music era, which has blurred genre boundaries. Beyoncé’s intention with this album is to evoke emotions rather than provoke thoughts. ‘Renaissance’ is meant to be experienced not in front of a computer screen but amidst human interaction, perhaps in a nightclub.