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Fresh Culture 2

In this new installment of Fresh Culture, where we discuss everything but design (although that’s not entirely true), we talk about the style of smart tattoos, ravers in Milan, coworking space where you can smoke cannabis and boring buildings.

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Smart Tattoo For The Future

Smart Tattoo Technology can monitor your blood sugar, control your SmartPhone, and more! MIT, Harvard and Colorado University research team is dedicated to Smart Tattoo Technology, using Nanotechnology and others. Tattoo culture is more and more popular with young people. It can’t be considered a bad behavior to express themselves. It’s an aesthetic and personal symbolism. Tattoo has a huge population to support this niche market. This generation will request new styles and new symbols using new technology to present over-the-top features.…

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WeedWork: Inside Work’n’Roll, NYC’s First Cannabis Coworking Space

The freelance experience just got chill as hell. Most coworking spaces are deeply depressing. But as the afternoon sunlight filtered into the Manhattan penthouse that Work’n’Roll, New York City’s unofficial cannabis industry networking hub, calls home, it is a totally different vibe. Work’n’Roll co-founder Julia Deviatkina spent years in coworking spaces as a freelance industrial designer—and smoking weed while she did her design work. So she decided to enter the cannabis industry after moving to New York City from Berlin.

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Milan’s anti-establishment rave subculture

Valerio Frammento is the photographer documenting this moment in history. You can take a look at the underground culture party movement in Italy, at a time where their freedom was attacked by prime minister Gigia Meloni and the ‘anti-rave’ law. Ravers risked up to six years of prison, with the minimum punishment of being three years - six times the minimum punishment for kidnapping.…

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Cities defined by monotonous buildings

Thomas Heatherwick explains that emotional function and the ability of buildings to mean something to their users and people, are essential. When a building fails to engage individuals, the negative defects can be felt on multiple levels: stress levels, mental health problems, crime, anti-social behaviours and healing times. So when a building fails to connect to people and their users, the decision to demolish it and replace it becomes easier.

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AVAVA fashion show Milan Fashion Week SS24

AVAVA is one fashion brand you never want to miss out on. It’s one you should watch every season. They always have something to say. This show has a tongue-in-cheek attitude. The AVAVAV collection was about stress. Wait for the Post-it suit! And the industrial tape dress! And…so good!