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In this new installment of Fresh Culture we talk about rituals and traditions, punk music and its whitewashed past, groundbreaking movies in the oscars, an erotic calendar, and haunted fashion ghosts.

Rober de la torre

Rituals through the eyes of Roberto de la Torre

Through documentary photography, Roberto de la Torre portrays a past, one in which humans communicated with the Gods, and with the sacred. “In my works, there is always a cultural background. I aim to prompt the viewer to reflect on the origin of many rituals and, therefore, where we come from. I like to generate a certain unease, to pose questions and not just provide answers. I believe that society often feels lost, falling into a kind of nihilism, and we have left our roots behind.”…

Bad brains

The black punk pioneers who made music history

Similar to pop culture, the historical portrayal of punk music has undergone a process whitewashing. In recognition of the authentic punk ethos present within black culture, both historically and in the contemporary context, here are some trailblazing figures within the punk movement.…

Poor things con emma trama

An independent and groundbreaking film

In “Poor Things”, Lanthimos uses non-traditional camera angles, wide lenses, and unsettling zooms. Similar to Bella’s discovery of the unpredictable real world, these cinematographic techniques keep the viewer feeling unsettled. The film also transitions from black and white to color to reflect Bella’s evolving perception of the world.…


Year of the Dragon 2024 Calendar Isn’t An Erotic Calendar

Photographer Alexandra Leese’s Year of the Dragon in 2024 calendar is “a celebration of culture, beauty and the power of women’s sexuality in a joyful way. It approaches the erotic calendar through a distinctly feminine gaze, capturing 13 Asian women from different cultures that honour the lunisolar zodiac.…

Highxtar undercover ss24 55

SS24 showcase in an underground car park

Underground car parks provided the stage for Jun Takahashi’s enigmatic and captivating presentation of UNDERCOVER at Paris Fashion Week SS24. The collection, marked by folkloric imagery and a haunting atmosphere, showcased mesh-covered suits, pre-aged varsity jackets, and metallic formal attire.…