Fresh Culture

Fresh Culture 4

In this new instalment of Fresh Culture, we talk about the unexpected emergence of public transit celebrities, a Fashion radio podcast, Yuzo Koshiro’s revolutionary soundtracks, the renaissance of break dance, and a dramatic Moroccan film.


The rise of the public transit Celebritites

Sabrina Bahsoon, known as “Tube Girl,” gained online fame for her subway dance videos in London. She embraces her online persona as a departure from her former self, finding inspiration in her newfound popularity after struggling post-graduation. Her success has inspired others worldwide to create similar content.

Fashion Radio


From the beat of the catwalk to the tracks powering fashion photographers’ studios across the globe, the Fashion Radio podcast - hosted by DJ Fat Tony - explores the inextricable links between fashion and music, revealing the stories of the people who make both worlds so compelling.…

Streets Of Rage

Soundtracks remain among music's finest

The soundtracks for the game series “Streets of Rage” by Yuzo Koshiro revolutionized video game music, drawing inspiration from Tokyo nightclubs and pioneering the integration of diverse musical genres. They continue to evoke strong emotional connections for players even after 30 years, remaining fresh and exciting.

Truki nana

New Gen vs New New Gen Breaking

Look at 17 year old B-boy Tsukki battling 8 year old B-boy Nana. This sport started in Black and Latino communities in the US in the 1970s and while it lost popularity in the United States, it stayed alive overseas. It’s back with a vengeance and heading to the Paris 2024 Olympics.


The Blue Caftan- A Morroccan Drama

Officially the most successful contemporary Moroccan film at the global box office, Maryam Touzani’s film, selling over half a million tickets, was a smash hit at its cinema release. It tells the story of Mina, a woman who realises her husband, who runs a caftan shop in their home city of Salé, may be in love with his male apprentice.…