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Javi’s Give Me 5!

5+3 essential recommendations from an Associate Partner. Javier is  a versatile creative with 15 years of experience building meaningful brands through strategy and design. With expertise in graphic design, motion graphics, art direction, and branding, Javier brings a wealth of knowledge to his role at Mucho since 2021.

Javier Tadanori Yokoo

Tadanori Yokoo

Graphic Designer

Yokoo is a Japanese graphic designer and artist. I especially appreciate his rich visual universe full of psychedelia and Pop culture.


Instagram: @tadanori_yokoo

Javier Caps Lock

Caps Lock


by Ruben Peter.

Ed. Untold Stories (2021)

This book by Ruben Peter is a deep exploration of the history and relations between graphic design and capitalism.

Capitalism could not exist without the coins, banknotes, documents, information graphics, interfaces, branding, and advertising made by graphic designers. Even strategies such as social design and speculative design are easily appropriated to serve economic growth. It seems design is locked in a cycle of exploitation and extraction, furthering inequality and environmental collapse.

Javier Transgresiones


Variable Typeface

By Beatrice Caciotti.

A variable font challenging the relationship between gender stereotypes and typefaces.


Instagram: @beatrice_caciotti

Javier Stauffacher Solomon

Barbara Stauffacher–Solomon: Visions Not Previously Seen


By Natalija Vekic, Christian Bruno and Kurt Keppeler (2018).

A short doc about the fascinating life and work of landscape architect and graphic designer Barbara Stauffacher Solomon.

A portrait of the groundbreaking 89-year old designer who fused Swiss modernism with an iconic and bold California pop aesthetic to create the design phenomena known as Supergraphics.


Javier beta flim ai

AI search engine

An AI search engine with a database of over 500K images from films, TV Series, Music videos and Ads.



Javier Everyday Experiments

Everyday Experiments

Digital experiments

By Space10 & Ikea

Everyday Experiments is a project by Space10 & Ikea exploring how will tomorrow’s technologies redefine the way we live at home. The website is a collection of digital experiments by some of the most innovative creative studios around the world.


Javier The Creative Study

The Creative Study


By Ask Us for Ideas

The Creative Study is a project by Ask Us for Ideas, a 5 part study asking some of the world’s more creative minds to define the undefinable ‘what creativity is’.


Instagram: @askusforideas

Javier TM Archive

TM Archive


The Typographische Monatsblätter was one of the most important journals to successfully disseminate the phenomenon of ‘Swiss typography’ to an international audience. This website is derived from exhaustive research on the TM focusing on the issues from 1960 till 1990.