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Peter’s Give Me 5!

5+3 essential recommendations from a Brand Innovation Director. Peter is our Director of Brand Innovation where he works at the intersection of technology, design and business. He worked with iconic brands like Google, Facebook, Nike, Intel, Levi’s and Pixar. 


What’s my browser?


I’m using Carbon. Carbon is the fastest web3 browser, a decentralized browser with adblock, dVPN, Crypto Wallet, 100% privacy and other features. I enjoyed less distractions and a greater sense of security of my data. More importantly, I can do what I want for the next gen of the web like analyze browser stats, have my fav DAPPS wallets, staking, Swap, Bridge and earn crypto rewards for browsing and watching ads only I want to see and tip creators.



Owning music is back


I love TokenTraxxx. I want to own music again and not have it on a subscription basis where a track can disappear all of sudden for no reason. I’m a big believer in decentralization. TokenTraxxx’s mission provides a powerful opportunity for Creators to engage on every level with fans in unprecedented ways using NFT technology, whilst simultaneously creating a whole new income stream.

If you have a good ear for music, you can become a Curator and can earn from your ability to spot untapped potential by building brilliant playlists.

And as a music NFT market place, I can collect can search tracks, artists and genres to build my NFT libraries, which I can showcase to the community or trade on the open market.

Everyone gains – not just one.




Sneakerheads love sneakers without the hype


The sneaker game has changed quite a lot the past decade, where celebrity hype drives boxes of heat to fly out of warehouses. I’m an OG sneakerhead that still believes in stories. My next cop will be the Nike Air Jordan MVP 678. The Jordan MVP 678 is a celebration of the footwear worn by Michael Jordan during his first three NBA titles, all of which saw the living legend crowned Finals MVP. While the upper seamlessly blends elements from all three signatures -namely, the Air Jordan 6, Air Jordan 7, and Air Jordan 8- the fixtures adjacent proffer more overt callouts to their individual designs. The sole unit, for starters, recalls the AJ6, while the tongue rips that of the AJ7; the AJ8 is then referenced along the heel in both the fixture itself as well as the multi-colored overlay.

No release date yet, but Jordan MVP 678 will be hitting and some retailers.




I want my buttons back! Sony designs from the 90s


I’ve been slowly collecting Sony designs from the 90s. I recently picked up a Sony Walkman WM-503 from 1987 from Japan. Now I need to look for a Sony CD player and thinking about the Sony D-E01. There’s also a great book about Sony designs from the publisher Rizzoli’s called Sony Design: Making Modern. It is an impressive book dedicated to the innovative designs of Sony, a trailblazer in personal electronics and pioneer of the legendary and highly successful WALKMAN®, Handycam®, and other portable electronics. Emerging from the ashes of the Second World War, Sony Corporation pioneered the miniaturization of electronics and created some of the most innovative technologies of the postwar period. Following the model of one of its founders, Masaru Ibuka established Sony with the goal of doing what had never been done before. This book is a must-have for design and technology enthusiasts with a stunning cover and design inspired by some of the most memorable Sony products.



Digital fashion is cool but together with physical it can be cooler


Loewe made me think and feel a lot having been born offline and working online. It is one of the most striking shows from Paris Fashion Week, plants and pixels combine in a disquieting take on tomorrow. Fashion houses are skilled at picking up on trends such as the metaverse. Over the last few years, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Balenciaga, and others, have created virtual outfits that are only available in video games, which is cool. In most cases, these efforts have been gimmicks, rather than thoughtful explorations of our digital future.

It was a stunning Paris Fashion Week show and one of my favorites from last season. Jonathan Anderson, creative director, isn’t interested in designing in pixels. He chose, instead, to create real garments that only look fake, warped, and pixelated. He provoked us to reckon with what it really means for humans to abandon the real world as we migrate to digital spaces—and the disconcerting hybrid truth and illusion to ensue.



Damien Hirst project lets buyers generate their own ‘Spin’ NFTs


The British artist’s latest venture, a tech-heavy development of the Spin Paintings launched in 1992, touches all the tech buzzwords as collectors order one-off NFTs from a dashboard menu. It is called The Beautiful Paintings and allows collectors to use an app dashboard by Heni, where collectors could determine the colors, style, size and shape of his works and order them as NFTs and/or physical, minted on the Ethereum blockchain. All without a hint of the spinning turntable or splash of paint that characterised Hirst’s Spin collaborations with the musician David Bowie – in the shape of Beautiful, hallo, space-boy painting (1995) – and others. The ‘drop’, during which buyers were able to generate and buy the NFTs and physical, ran until 10 April. The project made $20m in nine days where each was valued at $2.000.

A project statement describes The Beautiful Paintings as ‘a radical move to expand the limits of digital and physical art creation’.




Music gems you can’t find on streaming


I’ve recently founded an album not on any of the streaming music providers of a DJ I enjoy very much. Maya Jane Coles is a multi-award-winning 26 year old British-Japanese producer/DJ followed up with fabric 75. fabric 75 is a mix that avoids ornamental grooves in favour of fittingly percussive and musically rich simplicity; a raw house sound that is more mature and approachable than ever. Wander with emotional caution, as deep chords dominate the mix and challenge the mere sight of mechanical beats. She guides the listener through her own personal and fascinating approach to dance music.




Offline is the new luxury


Out of State is on my list. Claire Thomson-Jonville, the Editorial Director of i-D France, recently launched a “silent retreat” in France -a 2nd pop-up wellness retreat focusing on silence, meditation and yoga- as a wellness initiative, called Out of State. The four-day physical and mental reboot at the Château de la Bourdaisière was led by three experts: Tata Harper, founder of the eponymous prestige beauty brand; Emma Sawko, founder of Wild & the Moon vegan restaurants and healthy food specialist, and Ian Szydlowski-Alvarez, an artist and teacher of Jivamukti Yoga. Nourishing creativity is key here. Out of State is, at its core, designed for creatives who are used to high-octane lifestyles characterized by packed schedules, constant travel, and rolling deadlines.

The retreat is limited to 25 people, and is priced upward of 950 euros. Enjoy!