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Belbo Collection

Greenstone, a hospitality group, collaborated with Mucho to brand a diverse collection of high-quality restaurants united under ‘Belbo.’ We fused Harmony and Pleasure as guiding values, creating an urban eden concept where customers take center stage. While each restaurant boasts a unique character and name, the Demeter symbol ties them all together.

The Challenge

Greenstone, a hospitality and F&B group approached Mucho to brand a group of medium to high quality restaurants, all with very specific concepts and circumstances. By connecting the values of Harmony and Pleasure we created a strong and emotional purpose. It was also important to make the customer the center of the restaurants, offering a urban eden concept. All of the restaurants were to be related somehow, through a general concept of healthy natural food, but each one keeping its unique character. Belbo is the name for the whole collection. An icon representing the goddess of agriculture, Demeter, was the symbol that brought the different outlets together. For each of them we developed, a unique name and visual language, while keeping the Demeter symbol and typography consistent for the whole series.

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The Strategy

To start off, we had to work with the client to find a strong narrative for the motherbrand, that could then be expanded further within each outlet. By relating the values of Harmony and Pleasure we created a strong and emotional purpose on which to start building. The differential values of gifting the senses through a tongue in cheek, down to earth approach were directed to making the customer the main character of the restaurants. The result was to be able to enjoy an urban eden concept. This narrative was paired by a satellite based brand ecosystem, with the luxury hotel restaurants being the first tier outlets, with the independent restaurants being tier 2. Finally, an abstract name for the collection was needed, and also the development of each of the restaurants, from naming to final assets. Belbo was chosen, and to represent the collection and bind all the restaurants together a strong symbol was designed. Demeter, goddess of fertility and agriculture was drawn into an iconic and impactful image.

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The Solution

And so Belbo Collection was born, a collection of 5 fine restaurants. Terrenal, a classic mediterranean restaurant with a huge terrace full of home grown fruits and vegetables, glorified earth and terrain as the source of refined grastronomy and quality lifestyle. Fasto, a nighttime Italian directed to the party hungry audience was based on the renaissance carnival theme, by using XVI century engravings by dutch artist Frans Huys, offered by the Rijks Museum Studio, and transforming them through gold and fluorescent colors. Luma, the cocktail bar used a playful approach to night and day by portraying celestial constellations through inverted photography as seen by a telescope. Candela, a contemporary mediterranean restaurant used pagan catalan masks to set off a sense of local celebration. Piropo, set in Madrid, offered a joyful view of summer love and life. And finally Dos Besos, the cabaret restaurant was a nod to the spanish customary greeting of two kisses, as the starting point for a cheeky and seductive take on a dinner night. Assets for all these included daring production like printing offset over gold foil stamping, or a cabaret dress menu. All to make the Belbo experience one to be remembered, whatever the restaurant.

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