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Colnago, a revered name in the cycling world, embarked on a mission to restore its legendary status while expanding into novel domains. This transformation, termed “the Colnago Revolution”, aimed to weave the brand’s rich Italian heritage, competitive prowess, and artistic designs into a distinctive lifestyle entity.

The Challenge

Colnago, an iconic brand deeply admired by every rider and cycling lover, found its legacy beginning to fade in recent years. 

Despite carrying the heritage of determination, passion, and timeless design, the brand was losing the sheen of its legendary status. 

The challenge was to elevate the brand back to its legendary status and also expand Colnago’s excellence into new territories in the future. This meant transforming Colnago into a unique lifestyle brand that could stretch from apparel to cafes, from hotels to a broad range of experiences, a movement coined as “the Colnago Revolution”.

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The Strategy

Working closely with Colnago’s team, the strategy was to redefine the brand’s values and create a new brand strategy that showcased the differential aspects of Colnago: the Italian spirit, cycling legend heritage, mastery of world champions, and the appeal of artistic designs. 

A core value identified was “Aceness”, which reflected Colnago’s relentless pursuit of the best and led to the design of the world’s best bikes. 

The goal was to weave these elements into a compelling brand narrative that would enhance Colnago’s exclusive image and immortalize its legend.

The Solution

The design solution was multi-faceted. 

First, we redesigned the iconic Ace of clubs symbol, adopted by Colnago in 1970, refining its shape and improving legibility while maintaining its heritage. A new typeface was created exclusively for Colnago with its tow verssions one devoted to sports the other to lifestile. 

The logotype was redesigned to fit every part of the bike, setting the typography at a unique 30-degree inclination, resulting in a more extended, aerodynamic, and sportier logo. 

We also incorporated elements of Italian heritage into the symbol and created two bespoke typefaces for Colnago that represented its dual identity: cycling and exclusivity. 

We introduced Colnago Gold, a unique colour symbolizing victory, inspired by the brand’s numerous triumphs.

With this design solution, Colnago’s legacy not only was revitalized but also primed for future expansion into new territories like its coffee brand, Colnago Caffè, and the Colnago’s social foundation, LaFONDAZIONE.

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