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Belbo Dos Besos

Diverging from Belbo’s restaurants collection organic focus, Dos Besos is a pleasure-centric deviation. The name, Spanish for ‘two kisses,’ subtly hints at both cultural greetings and an erotic allure, embodied by iconic lips in a medieval-inspired frame.

Greenstone, a hospitality and F&B group approached Mucho to set up a group of medium to high quality restaurants, all with very specific concepts and circumstances. By relating the values of Harmony and Pleasure we created a strong and emotional purpose. These were also the values to make the customer the main character of the restaurants, to enjoy a urban eden concept. All of them were to be related somehow, through a general concept of healthy natural food, but each one keeping its unique concept. For each of them we developed each of the restaurants, from naming to final assets.

A cabaret restaurant

Dos Besos is a cabaret restaurant, based on italian mediterranean food, linked to the theatre tradition of the area where it is located. Of all the Belbo Collection restaurants, this was the most different one, less focused on organic mediterranean cuisine, and more directed towards the pleasure value of the collection. ‘Dos besos’ means ’two kisses’ in spanish, and is a reference to the spanish customary greeting between women and men. ‘Dos besos’ also has an underlying albeit explicit reference to a more erotic sense of the word ‘kiss’. The whole image of the restaurant used iconic lips to cover the possibilities of the ‘kiss’ meaning, and explored possible kisses. Framed by early medieval marquee shapes, we aimed to offer an almost evangelic heaven-and-hell vision of a kiss, the cabaret menus being an inmediatelly recognizable feature of the restaurant.

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