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5+3 essential recommendations from a Mucho Designer. Lúa has a deep interest in art direction and brand design, being especially attracted to the concept behind brands. Not just focusing on aesthetics or trends, but rather in the significant meaning behind every design decision.


Margiela In His Own Words


Martin Margiela is undoubtedly one of the most interesting designers in the fashion industry. He does not appear in his fashion shows, avoids interviews, and never allows pictures of him to be taken. In the documentary, he shares drawings and personal insights, all while never showing his face.


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Margot Lévêque


Margot Lévêque is a French designer based in NY, working on the most beautiful typefaces ever. She has been working in the design industry,
but also in fashion, tech and pop culture.


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Sarah Pritchard


Sarah Pritchard is a creative director and stylist. If you describe her styling as playful and teasing, she would probably agree – but there’s certainly something more.


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Números Vermellos


A collection of stories, texts, poems, and dialogues exploring a life perpetually in the red. It addresses not only economic issues but also the precariousness, uncertainty, and struggles of modern life for someone seeking to find their way in work, love, and female identity.


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Riccardo Corda

Illustration & Design

Riccardo Corda is an Italian illustrator and graphic designer, mainly active in the music scene and advertising, best known for its artwork for the (extremely cool) Neapolitan band Nu Genea.


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Elizabeth Goodspeed

Design Culture

Elizabeth is a designer, with very interesting things to say. Lately, I am devouring her monthly column as editor for It’s Nice That — shout out to her article about the collapse of design critique. Say it, girl.


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Podcast by Pedro Ajo.


930510 is an introspective practice where graphic designer Pedro Ajo lays bare his thoughts on topics such as art, design, creativity, spirituality, self awareness, mental health or whatever feels relevant to him in that specific moment.

Podcast channel

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Jacquemus Capri Campaign.


A storefront adorned with a massive lemon wedge, or a man expertly ironing a shirt on a surfboard are just two of the captivating scenes from the promotion for Jacquemus’s debut in Capri.


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