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The Mucho Standard 1: Hospitality

This is the first Issue of The Mucho Standard, a series of portfolios featuring our work in the different industries we have been working on. Hospitality is the first one.

04 Doble

At Mucho, we’ve been assisting hospitality brands worldwide for over 20 years, collaborating with designers, architects, and industry visionaries to create iconic environments that reflect the local culture while transcending time and trends.

Our hospitality branding work goes beyond creating an identity and logo. It’s about crafting a place.

This means adopting a deep strategic approach that allows us to create a comprehensive experience at every touchpoint, from signage to the website, from the art on the walls to the design of access cards.

Starting with values and concluding with a content strategy for your website, social media, or specific campaigns.

These are the five pillars where our strategy, design, and content rely when we undertake a hospitality project. 

They must be Holistic, Memorable, Expressive, Authentic. And include a solid Strategy.

03 Egg


A well-built brand strategy is like an orchestra where all the elements follow the same rhythm to create an experience that is both beautiful and coherent. We help hospitality brands bring their strategy, narrative, and design into perfect alignment with all of the guest touchpoints, from the look and feel of the lobby to the dining and drinking experience. In fact, brand strategy is always our very first step when shaping a brand from scratch; once it is clearly defined, all the other elements of the brand will follow.

06 Egg2


A good logo by itself is nothing. But when it’s part of an elegant system built to fully convey the brand, it can be magic. We work with brands to really understand their customers to make sure that the design work we do together positively influences the entire guest experience. We’re not just choosing a typeface that fits that customer; we’re also offering guidance on things like how reception should talk to them. This pairing of strategic thinking with design not only creates a more cohesive and engaging experience, it helps a brand stand out from their competitors.

02 Sagnier


When a person goes out to dinner or takes a trip, they are, in some way, looking to be different or to experience something novel and exciting. So we work with brands to make sure that from the very first minute a guest checks in, they become the protagonist in the story that is destined to unfold, whether it’s for a night, a week, or a month. We help brands provide an experience that allows their guests to transcend their everyday lives, one that no other hotel or restaurant can offer.

08 Popurri


Every part of a project’s design is an opportunity to speak directly to guests to create a more intimate relationship with them. We help brands tell their unique story, not just communicate information. Even the most common touchpoints, like a Do Not Disturb sign, can transmit the personality of a brand and show how much it genuinely cares for guests.

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Today, people don’t want to be tourists. They want to be travelers constantly seeking out authentic experiences and accommodations. We help global brands cultivate local savvy, allowing the brand to immerse their guests in new and authentic cultures, while also maintaining the impeccable standards the brand is known for.

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