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Belbo Piropo

Piropo is a Mediterranean restaurant in Madrid’s vibrant Barrio de las Letras. A restaurant that embodies the playful spirit of Belbo Collection, a celebration of the good life.

Greenstone, a hospitality and F&B group approached Mucho to set up a group of medium to high quality restaurants, all with very specific concepts and circumstances. By relating the values of Harmony and Pleasure we created a strong and emotional purpose. These were also the values to make the customer the main character of the restaurants, to enjoy a urban eden concept. All of them were to be related somehow, through a general concept of healthy natural food, but each one keeping its unique concept. For each of them we developed each of the restaurants, from naming to final assets.

Mediterranean natural restaurant

Piropo is a mediterranean natural restaurant based in the Santa Ana square in Madrid. Renowned for its tapas restaurants and its lively nightlife, Madrid’s Barrio de las Letras is a social hot spot full of theatres and city buzz. ‘Piropo’ means ‘compliment’ in spanish, and can usually refer to a person’s looks. Builiding on this playful name, and on the value of pleasure and the tongue in cheek attiude of the Belbo Collection brand, the graphical language portrays a laid back mediterranean life. Outdoor scenes of barefoot walks, countryside bycicle rides and songwriter music are combined with a sense of elegance and fashion that build a narrative of enjoyment. Piropo is a hymn to the pleasure of a good life.

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