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Belbo Terrenal

Terrenal was the inaugural restaurant of Belbo Collection and is by far the largest. The name, visual language, and interior design were key aspects of this project.

Greenstone, a hospitality and F&B group approached Mucho to set up a group of medium to high quality restaurants, all with very specific concepts and circumstances. By relating the values of Harmony and Pleasure we created a strong and emotional purpose. These were also the values to make the customer the main character of the restaurants, to enjoy a urban eden concept. All of them were to be related somehow, through a general concept of healthy natural food, but each one keeping its unique concept. For each of them we developed each of the restaurants, from naming to final assets.

A Mediterranean natural restaurant

Terrenal was the initial Belbo Collection restaurant, and is by far the biggest one. Boasting a huge terrace full of small orchards and gardens, clients can choose their vegetables straight from the big garden pots, and the offerings of weekend urban picnics abound. ’Terrenal’ means ‘earthly’ in spanish, an appropriate name for a project so grounded in nature. Comissioning catalan artist Laia Armengol, we worked with her to produce layered watercolours which reference the layers of the earth or the ground. This became then the base for the visual language, and extended to decorate the interior of the restaurant.

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