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Velaa Private Island Maldives

Surrounded by aquamarine waters and lapis lazuli skies of the Maldives there is Velaa Private Island. An ultra-exclusive retreat. A tropical paradise in harmony with the environment. A hideaway where every detail is considered to make feel perfectly at home. So every Christmas, as symbol of care and commitment, Velaa send to their clients a new’s year present.

For three years we have been working on this beautiful project.

2020: Origin. Retreat. Natural.

For countless years the Private Island has shared its name, “Turtle Island” in the local language, and its home with generations of sea turtles. It is said that they can swim thousands of miles to return home to lay their eggs.

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2019: Shelter. Beauty. Unique.

As part of its environmental commitment and social responsibility, Velaa Private Island ha embarked on a journey to restore and preserve the coral reef surrounding it. There is always something new to discover when you care for mother nature.

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2018: Harmony. Luxury. Magic.

One of the most curious and magical animals in the tropical marine world is the flying fish. Capable of winging over the seas for hundreds of meters. Aragu, one of its fine dining restaurants celebrates the ocean surrounded by lapis lazuli waters and thousands of flying fish sculptures.

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