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Hotel Portella

Nestled in Mallorca’s historic Gothic quarter, the Portella hotel blends luxury and homeliness. With only 15 rooms, every detail contributes to an unforgettable guest experience.

The Challenge

Portella resides as an authentic 17th-century house in the heart of Palma de Mallorca’s old town. Meticulously restored, the building pays homage to classical patterns, employing natural, sustainable, and noble materials throughout. Restoration efforts are rooted in mud, natural stone, iron, and wood, with a dedication to utilizing local materials and craftsmanship wherever feasible. The new brand identity was tasked with reflecting this artisanal work and its heritage, elevating and complementing it harmoniously.

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The Strategy

To craft the ideal identity for Portella, we began by conducting interviews, a values workshop, and benchmarking sessions to thoroughly understand the hotel’s approach and vision. This process enabled us to develop a personified identity that reflects Portella’s character, guiding our graphic decisions and fostering visual and narrative coherence.

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The Solution

The proposed design concept draws inspiration from typography carved in stone, echoing the historical charm of the locale while injecting a contemporary flair. Our aim was to maintain a minimalist approach, devoid of superfluous elements, yet meticulously crafted in every aspect. This led us to collaborate closely with partners to find the optimal finishing solutions for each asset. The objective of the brand identity is to evoke a classic yet contemporary ambiance—restrained yet intricately detailed in every element.

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Web development: EMEX
Photography: Anthony Perez & Barbara Vidal

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