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Aeroméxico: Visual Language

An identity to reach further

We knew we had to evolution the brand itself, so we did a new visual identity and designed assets tailored to propel the brand into a more digital-centric future. Also we made a comprehensive set of guidelines to spearhead the industry with consistency and clarity.

Beyond external stakeholders, engaging our internal audience was a critical aspect of our strategy. We conducted tailored sessions with key departments within Aeroméxico to deepen their understanding and enthusiasm for the new purpose, ensuring its organic and cohesive adoption throughout the company.

44 Visual Language values

Our visual language draws inspiration from the logotype’s stripes, conveying a sense of consistency through horizontal rhythmic repetition.

8 Type Specimen

A modern airline brand is synonymous with continuous travel experiences. We’ve developed a graphic system to deliver messages with warmth and premium quality.

47 Visual Language color combination
45 2 Visual Language materials
11 NEW Posters AM
14 AM Poster
15 1 AM Poster Campaña
51 NEW Posters AM
13 Billboard Aeromexico

A larger brand needs to expand its efforts and reach further. The brand’s visual language includes a transition into a comprehensive illustration style.

43 Tótems AM
46 1 Posters Illustrations DEFINITIVE

All the elements of the brand behavior combine to produce a seamless experience throughout the customer journey.

29 Web AM
9 Mobile 1
28 AM App UI