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The belief of LedsC4 is that light is essential for a good quality of life, and their mission is to provide quality light to improve people’s lives. As a versatile lighting company, they faced the challenge of building a brand positioning that goes beyond being known as a “lamp manufacturer.” In a specialized and undifferentiated market, their goal was to become a European leader in providing 360º lighting solutions and leveraging digital services and connectivity.

To address the challenge, LedsC4 focused on the concept of “light for better living.” They aimed to enable quality light for every project, emphasizing accessibility, facilitation, and approachability. Their brand narrative became a powerful and unified expression of their values, reflecting their expertise and reliability. The strategy also involved developing a compact and powerful tagline that conveyed the brand’s vision of bringing quality light for a good quality of life to a wider audience.

Inspired by the simplicity of planes and the transformative power of light. We created a visual language using fine lines, grids, and geometric figures that played with visual perception to represent spaces of light and shadow. The design solution included a reticular modular system that could be adapted across all their product categories. To differentiate between architectural and decorative lighting, distinct iconography and graphical elements were employed. The art direction incorporated concept, ambient, and corporate photography to showcase their products, the quality of light they provide, and the brand identity. This project was conducted by Mucho, working closely with the LedsC4 team. Including addittions such as: Salvador Huertas (Editorial designer), Joana Bover (Art & Product Director), Clara Soley (Communication Manager) and Xavier Andreu (Sales Director).

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