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Natural wines by Pepe Raventós

Continuing a centuries-old family legacy, Pepe Raventós introduces his personal line of sincere wines, inspired by the distinct terrains of his vineyard. Reflecting this unique terroir, the wine labels have been meticulously handcrafted, employing a diverse range of organic papers that represent the differing heights of the estate.

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Pepe Raventós, a 22nd generation vintner, pursues the same aspirations as his forefathers but adds a unique touch. Applying minimal intervention, he produces personal wines in his garage, aiming to bring out the best from each parcel of his estate. His debut collection, created with his team, features the natural wines Bastard Negre and Xarel·lo, along with a sparkling wine called Ancestral, all made using the ancestral method. These wines come from 50-year-old vines and are unfiltered, additive-free, including sulphites.

Mucho encapsulates the unique origins of each wine with a meticulously crafted label design, deeply rooted in the physical characteristics of the vineyard. 

The labels are formed of three layers of organic papers of varying shapes, textures, and colors. 

Each layer corresponds to the different elevations within the vineyard, symbolizing the diverse terroirs that have nurtured each wine. Hand-applied, one on top of the other, the labels create a tactile volume that speaks to the distinct heights and geographical positions within the estate. The design solution is not just aesthetic, but provides a tangible connection to the land where the wines are born.

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