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Mucho Brewbird Packaging Box Overview


BrewBird is at the forefront of the drip coffee and technology industry.

Having designed the world’s most technologically advanced coffee brewing platform to create a magical experience, using whole beans in compostable pods, BrewBird ensures you get the freshest cup of coffee ground-to-order with a touch of a button. Their partnership with the best roasters in the world enables them to deliver drip coffee to your door right after it’s roasted and brew it to their exact specifications.

The challenge

We were tasked with delivering a new brand identity and memorable packaging system to help BrewBird tell this unique story bringing together the artisanal craft of coffee roasters, taste and technology.

Mucho Brewbird Machine
Mucho Brewbird Machine Screen Cropped
Mucho Brewbird Machine Packaging Cropped

The Solution

We brought this unparalleled freshness and taste to life by working with renowned Scottish artist Craig Black. Craig flew to San Francisco to create one-of-a-kind acrylic paint pours to represent the flavor profiles of individual coffees.

Together with a new logo which cleverly combines two letter ‘B’s with a bird and coffee cups, the whole identity works together to create a lively, joyful, and extremely memorable experience, unique to the coffee industry space.

Mucho Brewbird Packaging Box Overview
Mucho Brewbird Packaging 5 boxes
Mucho Brewbird Packaging Front Foil
Mucho Brewbird Packaging Box Detail Crop
Mucho Brewbird Packaging Open 2
Mucho Brewbird Machine Pod Hand
Mucho Brewbird Display Brewing Animation 2
Mucho Brewbird Table tent pods
Mucho Brewbird Packaging B2 B Overview
Mucho Brewbird Packaging B2 B Detail
Mucho Brewbird Packaging B2 B Kitchen
Mucho Brewbird Packaging B2 B Side
Mucho Brewbird Brand Delivery box
Mucho Brewbird Brand Coasters
Mucho Brewbird Teaser Bus Shelter
Mucho Brewbird Teaser Posters