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The century-old wine-growing brand Raïmat partnered with Mucho to transform its branding approach. The objective was to innovate, focusing on each wine’s personality, embracing consumer preferences and reinforcing its commitment to organic and sustainable practices.

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The Challenge

Raïmat, a historical and innovative wine-growing brand, faced a shifting consumer preference that valued the design over the brand at the point of purchase. Additionally, they wanted to visually communicate their commitment to organic and sustainable practices. 

As a brand leader, Raïmat desired to maintain the highest design standards, seeking a fresh approach to differentiate their offering and reach global markets.

01a oasis del desierto
01b revoluci n
01c innovaci n campo
01d catedral del vino

The Strategy

Our strategy involved tackling traditional product conservatism by emphasizing each wine’s personality. In collaboration with Raïmat’s ad agency, we designed a visual ranking system for wine intensity to assist less experienced buyers while still catering to connoisseurs. 

The ranking needed to be visually elegant, clear, and easy to understand. Moreover, we sought to visually represent Raïmat’s commitment to sustainability and organic production.

04 Monoliths

The Solution

We developed a single, wraparound label for each bottle, removing duplicated information for a modern look and providing more space for creativity. 

The label illustrated each wine’s story, as we saw wines and stories both taking years to evolve. 

We engaged different illustrators to create patterns that represented each wine’s unique story and personality. This innovative solution resulted in a collection of wines that not only provided a literary appeal but also seamlessly communicated the essence of each wine.

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12 Raimat Detall 10
14a Saira
14b Rosada
14c Pirinenca
14d Ventada
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19 Background Raimat blancos
29 Background Clamor
31a Background Abadia
31b Background Boira
31c Background Pirinenca
31d Background Molí
32a Background Castell
32a Background Solana
32c Background Saira
32d Background Ventada