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Mucho at OFFF fest 2024 Barcelona

Our partners Marc Català, Pablo Juncadella, Rob Duncan, and Tilman Solé from our Barcelona and San Francisco offices, challenged established ideas about branding, design and the creative industry, to bring a hopeful message to all creatives.

The conference provided a platform for leading minds in design to converge, exchange ideas, and inspire one another. With a diverse array of topics ranging from emerging trends to timeless principles, attendees were treated to a wealth of knowledge and insights.

The talk, led by Català, Duncan, Juncadella, Solé, aimed to answer questions like these: Are clients always right? Does creativity decline with age? Will AI replace designers? Are symbols outdated? Additionally, they aimed to challenge established ideas about branding, design, and the creative industry, while delivering a hopeful message to all creatives. Based on thoughtful thinking and careful crafting, meaning forms the foundation of brand narratives, with attention to detail being characteristic of Mucho’s branding practice.

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Throughout the presentation, the partners emphasized the transformative potential of thoughtful design and strategic branding, showcasing case studies such as Visa, José Andrés, Tigrelab, Bash, and Aeroméxico.

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Moreover, It was a great pleasure to share the stage along with other studios and brands in the creative industry such as: DogstudioWe are Seventeen, Koto, Lo Siento, among others.

Looking ahead, Mucho remains committed to pushing the boundaries of design and challenging conventions. We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the vibrant design community and look forward to continuing our journey of creativity, collaboration, and growth.

Thank you OFFFestival Barcelona, for the invitation, see you next year with more Art.

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