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With over 13 years of expertise, Tigrelab -a studio specializing in digital art and experiential performances- has crafted extraordinary experiences for global brands. Recently, the studio embarked on a transformative journey, shifting its focus from technical proficiency to a creative partnership. Discover how Tigrelab’s rebranding strategy, inspired by visionary artists, has shaped a unique brand narrative and visual identity.

The Challenge

Tigrelab is a creative studio based in Barcelona, specializing in digital art and experiential performances. With a track record of more than a decade, Tigrelab has crafted extraordinary experiences for global brands such as Bentley, HP, Huawei or Macallan. The partners are now looking to elevate the studio’s reputation beyond technical expertise, aiming to showcase the team’s exceptional creative talent and artistic capabilities.

The Strategy

To shift Tigrelab’s image from technical proficiency to a creative partnership, the project revolved around three key pillars. The initial step involved comprehending the company’s standing in an industry that was increasingly impactful, competitive, and saturated—yet lacked differentiation. Through interviews, benchmarks, and a comprehensive brand audit, a rebranding strategy emerged, aligning the studio’s ambition with a new positioning as visionary artists.

This encompassed a new brand narrative and identity that visually and conceptually embodied the team’s creative prowess. As part of this transformative process, Tigrelab and its sister company, Tiler Gab, were brought together under one roof, creating a more harmonious yet versatile brand ecosystem.

The Solution

Collaborating closely with Tigrelab’s partners, we delved into the studio’s creative ethos to shape a brand narrative centered around dreams. Tigrelab’s uniqueness lies in its ability to transform dreams into reality, blending design, technology, and production. Within the realm of imagination, the brand discovered its natural space—a fertile ground to cultivate a visual identity and language that merges the strength of the tiger with layers of reality and perception.

The new Tigrelab symbol draws inspiration from the multiplane camera, featuring stacked layers forming a triangular PLAY symbol. This symbolizes the journey from wakefulness to dreamlike realms of consciousness. Our visual language unfolds like sequential frames, revealing deeper facets of our creative essence, creating a sense of depth and dimension that invites you on a journey.

As part of the project, we revamped the studio’s website, now designed as a canvas that highlights the studio’s impressive portfolio, always keeping the door to the world of dreams wide open.

Website: Tigrelab

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“When we started brainstorming web design with Mucho, we fell in love with the idea of having a black & white bold typographic web! For us, it was the unique way to cover the multiple creative and aesthetic approaches from all the tigers.”
Mathieu Felix Partner, Tigrelab
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