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Aeroméxico: Brand Strategy

Elevating Aeroméxico with Purpose and Passion

As it approached its 90th anniversary, the airline was propelled by the ambition to redefine itself as a forward-thinking, purpose-driven lovebrand. This strategic pivot was powered by Mucho’s Brand Ideal DNA® methodology to position Aeroméxico not only at the summit of contemporary Mexican excellence, but also at the forefront of global Mexican icons.

The Challenge

Amidst a landscape of changing consumer behaviors and competitive pressures, the task was to articulate a brand purpose that resonated across all stakeholders, supported by a solid foundation of brand values that mirror the aspirations of both the airline and today’s Mexican society. 

This ambitious goal sought to redefine the essence of Aeroméxico in the hearts and minds of millions, establishing a future where the airline is recognized not just for its service excellence, but for its commitment to meaningful stakeholder engagement, social impact and sustainable growth.

2 AM Brand Purpose Graphic

The Strategy

The strategy hinged on enriching Aeroméxico’s reputation for quality with emotional depth and contemporary cultural relevance, epitomized by the concept “To Add Emotion to Quality”.

Deploying the Brand Ideal DNA® methodology distilled new brand values, reflecting a harmonious blend of Aeroméxico’s aspirations, stakeholder expectations, and market insights. This approach facilitated a deep dive into the airline’s core, enabling a redefinition of its brand platform and purpose. 

The strategy was not about crafting a new identity in the traditional sense but about laying the groundwork for a transformative brand evolution that would steer Aeroméxico towards a more engaged, authentic, and emotionally resonant future.

3 Am Brand Platform 2

The Solution

The collaborative efforts culminated in a comprehensive rejuvenation of Aeroméxico’s brand strategy, touching on several key areas:

1-Brand Purpose Establishment: For the first time, a definitive brand purpose was articulated, setting a new direction for the airline’s culture, brand narrative and customer experience. “Estar cerca, llegar lejos” (Being Close, Reaching Far) embodies Aeroméxico’s dedication to bringing people closer through personalized service and extending its reach globally, symbolizing both intimacy and ambition. It was created to align with contemporary values and resonate across all audiences, fostering a sense of authenticity and emotional connection.

2-New Brand Values and Platform: Through the application of the Brand Ideal DNA®, a new set of brand values was established: premium warmth, consistency, personalized innovation, and contemporary Mexico. These brand values are the pillars of the new brand narrative platform that encapsulates Aeroméxico’s renewed commitment to its passengers, employees, partners, and communities.

4 1 AM Tagline

3-Design new brand language, brand behaviour and new art direction. Visual language case study here.

4-Creation and launch of the new brand Aeroméxico Rewards. Aeroméxico Rewards case study here.

5-Internal Brand Engagement: The “Pasaporte a lo extraordinario” (Passport to The Extraordinary) initiative was launched to inspire Aeroméxico’s workforce, transforming them into ambassadors of the new brand ethos and fostering a culture of unity and purpose.

6-Other Activations brought the new brand narrative to life, engaging stakeholders through a mix of communication channels, immersive experiences, and a global marketing campaign.

17 AM Pasaporte portada
18 AM Pasaporte abierto
19 AM pasaporte pages

The Impact

The strategic renewal of Aeroméxico’s brand has revitalized its image, set a shared brand purpose and embedded a culture of innovation and engagement. 

This transformation underscores the value of a strategic partnership in navigating the complexities of brand evolution, showcasing how a thoughtful, data-driven approach can illuminate the path towards a resonant and purposeful brand future.

The Team

This project would not have been as insightful and successful without the crucial collaboration of Relevance in Barcelona, Amaro & Gleizer in Mexico, and Signified in London.