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Aeroméxico: Rewards

A New Era of Loyalty

In 2023, Aeroméxico initiated a significant brand transformation, introducing several strategic shifts, including the creation of the new Aeroméxico Rewards brand, in collaboration with Mucho. This move was part of a broader effort detailed in the case study “Elevating Aeroméxico with Purpose and Passion”, highlighting the airline’s commitment to redefining its identity with a new brand purpose at heart.

The Challenge

Aeroméxico faced the complex task of reacquiring Club Premier, Latin America’s first and Mexico’s most significant frequent flyer program, after a decade of separate operation. The program’s reintroduction as Aeroméxico Rewards represented a unique opportunity to realign the loyalty program with the airline’s evolving brand identity and new purpose.

The challenge was not only to reclaim an independent program but to transform it into a cornerstone of Aeroméxico’s new customer experience strategy. Integrating Club Premier, with its 30-year history, into the modern Aeroméxico brand ecosystem involved careful navigation to preserve the integrity of nearly 8 million client relationships and the reputation of both entities. The primary goal was to convert a transactional loyalty platform into a meaningful engagement tool, embodying Aeroméxico’s vision for exceptional customer journeys and environmental stewardship.

The Strategy

To address these challenges, Aeroméxico, together with Mucho, embarked on a strategic overhaul to enhance the passenger experience and position itself as a premium brand. An thorough audit of Aeroméxico’s brand architecture identified significant fragmentation. The resolution involved developing a unified brand architecture with Aeroméxico at the core, aligning all associated brands to reflect the airline’s renewed values and identity, as can be seen in the case study “Aeroméxico’s visual language”. 

Aeroméxico Rewards was envisioned to transcend the traditional concept of a loyalty program, becoming a fundamental component of the airline’s enhanced brand experience, fully aligned with its new purpose: “To elevate the journey to an extraordinary experience, taking care of you and of our world”. This strategy was designed to deepen customer engagement, reflect Aeroméxico’s renovated brand values, and project the airline’s ambitious vision for the future.

The Solution

The introduction of Aeroméxico Rewards, in partnership with Mucho, has marked a pivotal transformation in the airline’s approach to customer loyalty and brand engagement. Seamlessly integrated with the Aeroméxico master brand, the new loyalty program has revitalized the airline’s relationship with its customers, fostering a deeper emotional connection and reinforcing Aeroméxico’s commitment to excellence in service.

Aeroméxico Rewards stands as a flagship of an extraordinary experience, embodying Aeroméxico’s purpose in Mexico and across the globe, not only symbolizing a successful solution to the initial challenge but also demonstrating the airline’s dedication to creating extraordinary experiences for its passengers, thereby contributing to a stronger, more unified brand identity.

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“The primary goal was to convert a transactional loyalty platform into a meaningful engagement tool.”
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