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Catalana Occidente

To commemorate its 150th anniversary, Catalana Occidente, a leading Spanish insurance group, partnered with Mucho to reimagine its brand, consolidate its diverse portfolio, and develop a fresh visual language that resonates with the modern customer.

The Challenge

Catalana Occidente needed a rebrand that both celebrated its rich 150-year history and signified its readiness for the future. A significant challenge was to create a clear brand architecture for the conglomerate, given the multitude of over 50 existing brands under its umbrella.

01a Building Catalana
01b Tree Catalana

The Strategy

Mucho embarked on a comprehensive study, interviewing group leaders to understand the company’s history, values, and vision. 

The strategic decision was to unify typography, symbols, and colors across the insurance brands, while preserving their names due to historical and local importance. This led to a hierarchical brand portfolio, with individual insurance brands developing their unique communication language and art direction.

03 SC Ologo

The Solution

The new symbol, an evolution of the previous, mirrors the silhouette of Catalana Occidente’s headquarters. A bespoke slab serif font was created for branding, with a sans serif variant for text. A distinct tagline, “Thinking about your future,” emphasized the group’s consumer-centric approach. 

The design process culminated in a versatile signage system and a well-received brand activation video featuring hand-drawn animation, illustrating the brand’s values and history.

04a Catalana OLD
04b Catalana NEW
06 Brand Architecture Catalana
08a Catalana
08b Catalana Sans
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