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Jungle is a creative ecosystem born from the power of collaboration, where creativity thrives. Offering a comprehensive range of services and expert teams, they tackle every creative challenge, from advertising to future and product design. With an unwavering enthusiasm for bold ideas, Jungle’s members are known for their ambition and innovation. 

Jungle is an ecosystem of creative companies, born out of the power of collaboration, to behave as a power of creativity.

With an integrated offer of a comprehensive array of services and expert teams, spanning advertising, to future design or product design, they build workforces set to overcome any creative challenge. Because their main asset is creativity, any new company entering Jungle adds value in a new creative discipline, and in turn makes the ecosystem a more thriving one.

Jungle’s member are distinguished by an unwavering enthusiasm and boundless ambition for bold ideas: they face every project with the singular purpose of unearthing the most innovative and game-changing ideas. This attitude, and the environment they play at, businesses, gave rise to the tagline “Wild Business”, a positioning that placed them as a partner to count with in any creative business challenge, from the product conceptualization to a social media strategy.

The brand concept inspired us to adopt a distinctive tone of voice rooted in this fearless attitude and a strong connection to the untamed world of the jungle. Messages, such as “We relentlessly pursue bold ideas”, “Collaboration is our guiding principle,” and “The power of the collective lies within each individual, and each individual draws strength from the collective,” embody the spirit of our brand, embody the spirit of the brand.

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Jungle Typeface

A bespoke and unique typography was designed to imbue the brand with its distinct character, drawing inspiration from the vibrant and diverse landscape of the “Urban Jungle.” The main typography exhibits modular characteristics and bold contrasts, primarily employed for headlines and prominent titles. Its level of distinction ensures the brand is easily identifiable.

We selected Suisse Int’l as the secondary corporate typography for the brand because it offers a deliberate contrast to Jungle’s primary typeface and is particularly well-suited for additional text and information. Its design cues from the timeless Swiss Style, with a strong emphasis on clarity and legibility.

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Wild business

The modular blocks of the main typography offers the creative canvas to integrate images and textures, enabling us to portray Jungle as a brand that embodies both wildness and creativity.

The textures and images can be combined with any color and background, providing unlimited creative freedom. Additionally, textures can even be animated, adding an extra layer of dynamism to the brand.

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Flexible system

The modular structure of typography can be highly flexible. Modules can be extended to create various lengths and compositions capable of accommodating textures, images, or videos.

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