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As we embrace a new era of digital healthcare, the revamped brand DocMorris, spearheaded by the Zur Rose Group, is leading the way. The brand’s strategy and design choices not only mirror the evolving needs of consumers but also encapsulate a 360° approach to personalized health, signalling a significant shift from Pharma to healthcare.

The Challenge

In the evolving landscape of health management, consumers’ expectations of healthcare providers continue to grow. At a significant moment of digitalization in the health industry, the Zur Rose Group took a leap to meet these demands, embarking on a redesign of their leading brand, DocMorris, with the guidance of Mucho and a data-driven process to back the desition making process.

The Strategy

The reinvented DocMorris brand sought to empower patients to manage their health independently and confidently. It aimed to provide holistic, convenient personalized health services, integrating treatment, care products, and digital health services to enhance consumers’ health journeys. This strategy encapsulates the brand’s ethos - Personal Care 360°, which stresses the power of collaboration, passion for health, and trust in driving consumer-centric health solutions.

The Solution

The design solution represents DocMorris’s shift from traditional to personalized health with a new logotype and identity system. 

The symbol of a cross was replaced with a heart icon, emphasizing personal health. This heart icon represents a 360° approach to healthcare, embodying different aspects of a consumer’s health journey. 

The renewed color palette employs two shades of green, signifying trust and the digital health environment, while the new corporate typography balances traditional trust and contemporary expression. 

The new identity’s visual language exudes dynamism and promise, signaling a new era for DocMorris and its partners.

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