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2 Glorias

2 Glorias is a cherished family endeavor, brought to life by a mother-daughter duo both named Gloria. Their venture is rooted in the sun-dappled terrain of Mallorca, where they painstakingly produce a small batch of exquisite olive oil. Each of the 500 bottles is hand-extracted, hand-produced, and hand-labeled, embodying the love, passion, and care they pour into their work.

The design reflects the convergence of a homegrown, garage-lab attitude with an outcome that is refined and elegant. The two parallel lines adorning the top margin subtly symbolize the two Glorias, with the label’s unique placement at the bottom accentuating the artisanal nature of the bottle. The design is completed with a distinct triangular die-cut that brings to mind a fabric swatch, adding a touch of whimsy and tactile appeal to the final product.

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