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Buenas Migas

Buenas Migas, a chain of high-quality fast food restaurants, brings together the best of Ligurian (Italian) and Cornish (English) cuisines to create a unique and delightful mix of sweet and savory dishes. Committed to serving fresh, simple, and affordable meals, Buenas Migas’ unique selling proposition lies in the exceptional quality of their traditional, naturally-sourced products. 

When Buenas Migas asked us to develop their communication materials, including packaging, signage, and promotional posters, our mission was to embody their core values: fresh produce and artisan techniques.

Our idea was straightforward - mirror the restaurant’s commitment to craft and natural ingredients by constructing a palette of entirely handmade visual elements. 

As a result, graphics for product labels, bags, boxes, coffee cups, price tags, and signage were all crafted by hand. Even in instances of mass reproduction or large-scale production, we preserved the handmade, artisan spirit through the choice of type, illustration, and color. We chose a robust, commercial typeface - Futura condensed bold - to complement this handmade ethos. 

The juxtaposition of delicate watercolor illustrations with a bold typeface gave Buenas Migas a mainstream yet distinctively edgier and more natural identity that distinguishes it from its competitors.

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