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Encodia is a biotech company looking to change the world. Their groundbreaking technology reverse translates proteins into DNA so that they can be read more easily by scientists. This technology allows scientists to be able to scale their research more easily to impact the most challenging diseases. If this technology can be harnessed to work quickly and on a large scale then it truly will be world-changing.

The Challenge

Encodia approached Mucho to create a new brand that felt more modern and memorable and to help tell their story. The primary reason for the refresh wasn’t to speak to the biotech audience and announce what they were doing as a company. Encodia had ambitious hiring goals, looking to appeal to elite problem-solvers across a wide range of industries. They wanted people, regardless of their background, with the mindset that tackled problems from a novel perspective.

05 Mucho Encodia Perspectives

The Strategy

Creative problem solving is at the heart of Encodia, reverse translating proteomes into DNA, and making complex biological puzzles simple and accessible. This can come to life with a simple symbol filled with meaning and discovery.

02 Mucho Encodia Office Exterior

The Solution

The new logo combines the graphic structure of DNA and the letter E, reminiscent of a sliding brain teaser puzzle. The illustrations are inspired by MC Escher’s impossible puzzles and scenarios. Copy and messaging supports this idea of solving problems to unlock endless possibilities in the medical world – Unlimit Biology and Found in Translation.

03 Mucho Encodia Business Card resize
07 Mucho 2021 Encodia
08 Mucho Encodia Water Bottle
10 Mucho Encodia Website

A creative office environment

Upon moving into a large new building with plenty of white wall space and windows, we extended the graphic language into environments. This helped build a creative work space, inserting some wit and humor while employees work on the most serious of experiments, trials and tests that have the potential to save millions of lives.

11 Mucho Encodia Office Reception Corridor
12 Mucho Encodia Office Delivery Door
13 Mucho Encodia Office Outdoor Seating
14 Mucho Encodia Office Arrow
15 Mucho Encodia Office Floor Number 1
16 Mucho Encodia Office Lift Signage
17 Mucho Encodia Office Floor Number 2
18 Mucho Encodia Office Staircase
19 Mucho Encodia Office Water Fountain
20 Mucho Encodia Office Kitchen
21 Mucho Encodia Office Stairwell
22 Mucho 2021 Encodia Lab Pipette
23 Mucho Encodia Chocolatebar
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