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In an environment of constant innovation and low differentiation, Provital, a B2B company providing active ingredients and extracts of natural origin for skin and hair care, partnered with Mucho to redefine its brand strategy, transforming its image and positioning for greater global reach and impact.

The Challenge

Competing in a highly atomized market, Provital faced the task of reaching major players in the cosmetics industry and expanding into new regions. Amid growing competition and a rise of new market offerings, the company sought to redefine its brand identity and stand out in a landscape defined by technical and corporate positioning.


The Strategy

To meet this challenge, Provital and Mucho embarked on a joint rebranding initiative, redefining the brand’s strategy. The company transitioned to a global, robust, and consolidated brand, dropping ‘Group’ from its former name, ‘Provital Group’. Its new identity revolved around the powerful concept of care – a value-sensitive yet relevant, linking their commitment to ethical and sustainable development with their products’ impact on consumers.

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The Solution

The new visual identity was inspired by the flowers and plants used in Provital’s products, crafted in vibrant, energetic, and colourful compositions. 

This bold new identity, combined with the resonant tagline ‘Do Care’, emphasized Provital’s commitment to diversity, collaboration, and ethics. 

The design solution also involved a redefinition of its product architecture, with a monolithic structure promoting brand solidity and a flexible portfolio organization allowing multiple product classifications.

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