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Fundación Arte y Mecenazgo

The goal of this project was to design a distinct identity for an art foundation. 

This foundation seeks to connect patrons, collectors, gallery owners, and artists, fostering a more educated, professional, and interconnected art scene. 

A unique typeface for titles was crafted as a crucial aspect of the identity. This typeface exudes a classical air when scaled down and centered, but permits exploration of contemporary visual channels when used in larger sizes.

Thus, the typeface enables effective communication with a traditional or elitist audience, while still appealing to a younger or more experimental demographic. The design embodies the proportions of a didone and the essence of a classic outline serif, whilst employing a more rational and geometric approach typical of an outline sans serif. 

To present the typeface to the foundation’s board, we designed a type specimen detailing the font design and illustrating the range of design possibilities it offers.

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