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Bookish transformed from a subscription-based book retailer to aspiring to be one of Southern Europe’s largest. They turned to Mucho to redefine their identity and conquer the competitive book retail market.

The Challenge

Bookish’s journey began with a successful subscription model, delivering carefully curated books accompanied by thoughtfully designed boxes filled with additional content and delights. With a solid customer base in place, and bolstered by significant investment from the Tansley Group, Bookish sought to expand both digitally and in physical bookstores. Mucho was tasked with creating a brand strategy encompassing brand DNA, a strategic narrative, and brand architecture. The goal was to establish Bookish as a prominent player in the Southern European book retail landscape, emphasizing both digital and physical expansion.

The Strategy

Rooted in a profound love for books, reading, and literature, Bookish’s emotional standpoint was crystal clear. The differentiation came through the concept of “augmented reading” – not just offering books but delivering an enriched reading experience through supplementary information, content, and products. This approach aimed to provide an “augmented life experience” with stories. A cohesive brand ecosystem was devised, supporting an ambitious program of additional products and services for Bookish.

The Solution

To encapsulate this forward-thinking vision, the brand needed a clear and simple representation. The foundational symbol, a heart that doubles as a book, encapsulates the essence of Bookish – a love for books that resonates with readers from all walks of life. Complementing this symbol is a dynamic visual language inspired by the concept of augmentation. Layers of colors, reminiscent of book pages, convey growth and a visual explosion of energy. This language extends to the app, web, and social media, guiding the use of images, illustrations, and content hierarchy. The result is a brand poised to lead in the ever-evolving landscape of book retail.

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