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JC Mackintosh

The Challenge

JC Mackintosh, a leading brand in the bluefin tuna market, sought to design a packaging project that would accurately reflect their brand values, namely their balanced approach to fishing, respect for tuna, and commitment to quality at every stage of their process.

The Strategy

The strategy was to develop a visual language that would represent JC Mackintosh’s values and commitment to environmental balance, respect for the tuna, and quality. The goal was also to highlight the brand’s attention to detail, with a design that would clearly communicate these values to consumers.

02 Mucho JC Mackintosh Many
03 Mucho JC Mackintosh Stamping

The Solution

The packaging design created by Mucho was based on balanced shapes that showcased the product. These shapes were meant to convey a sense of balance with the environment and respect for the tuna. Furthermore, a stamp system was developed to underline the care JC Mackintosh takes with every detail of their process. The overall design used a clean composition and typography to ensure that the packaging communicated the brand’s dedication to quality in a clear and appealing manner.

04 Mucho JC Mackintosh Front
05 Mucho JC Mackintosh Product
06 Mucho JC Mackintosh Overview