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The Challenge

Integromat, an automation and integration platform, realized the need for a brand transformation to better resonate with their growing audience. Despite serving mostly business, they were mostly SMEs, numerous and consisting of small teams. 

Such an audience pointed towards a more broad B2C market model. The existing brand fell short and sounded old and complicated, requiring a much-needed revamp to reflect the rapidly evolving automation landscape.

02b MAKE Branding New Logo
02a MAKE Branding Old Logo

The Strategy

The strategy centered around the ‘Value of Augmenting Humanity’, embracing the potential of technology as a prosthesis to extend human capabilities. The new vision highlighted holistic automation, visual language, collective evolution, creative lifestyle, and one-solution product as differential values. 

The aim was to present unlimited possibilities and encourage innovation, reflecting the ethos of the brand effectively. The first step: a name change to become a household brand.

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The Solution

Naming the company Make was a huge advancement towards the narrative goal. The solution resulted in a logo representing a chain reaction - a metaphor for automation scenarios. Simplicity was chosen to deal with the complexities of the visual language, given the co-branding with the hundreds of external brands in the ecosystem. 

Bubbles were utilized to provide unity and suggest connections between apps. A suite of communication assets was designed to adapt to various platforms, including photography direction, illustrations, and icons. This comprehensive redesign enabled the brand to express itself more dynamically across its website, social media, advertising, and branded content.

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