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Facing the challenge of refining its brand identity, Multiplica embarked on a journey from being a UX design-centric firm to a global leader in digital transformation consultancy. This transformation required a redefined strategy and a fresh, captivating design solution to solidify its positioning and project its expanded capabilities.

The Challenge

With an expansive reach in 7 countries, Multiplica had established its positioning largely around UX design, which comprised only a portion of their services. The challenge laid in demonstrating its comprehensive abilities with convincing leadership. The goal was not just to echo the brand’s current status, but to envision a future that incorporates building relevant, intelligent, and persuasive digital experiences, positioning Multiplica as a leading consultancy in digital transformation.

The Strategy

Over 20 years of global growth, Multiplica had created an “ecosystem” of independent brands catering to various aspects of product development and digital processes. While beneficial initially, it resulted in a disjointed and fragmented brand image across countries. The strategy aimed to create a single, integrated brand that would boost its value and visibility. This redefined brand would project Multiplica as a unified global entity, focusing on specialized business intelligence throughout its customers’ journey.

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The Solution

To stand alongside the leading companies in the sector, Multiplica adopted a modern and appealing visual language. 

This new language, featuring the Ivar Display typeface and a fresh, digital shade of orange, projected a sense of credibility, confidence, solidity, and experience. The ethos of working collaboratively with customers informed the design process, resulting in an agile and versatile visual language. 

The recurring element of a circumference throughout the visuals highlighted the importance of relationships, reinforcing the relevance of partnerships in creating commercially intelligent digital experiences.

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