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Nitsa 94-96: El Giro Electrónico

For “Nitsa 94/96: el giro electrónico,” a documentary about Barcelona’s iconic NITSA nightclub, Mucho created a distinct, visually appealing limited-edition poster reflecting the club’s influential electronic music culture and unique turning dance floor.

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The project aimed to design a promotional poster for the documentary “Nitsa 94/96: el giro electrónico,” a film reflecting the inception and cultural significance of NITSA, a nightclub at the heart of Barcelona’s electronic music scene. Tasked with designing a limited-edition poster to promote the documentary’s premiere, we sought inspiration from the club’s legendary rotating dance floor.

In order to create 150 unique posters, we devised a spinning wooden surface that let us rotate the paper on a silkscreen machine, allowing us to print at a different angle each time. This innovative process resulted in individualized posters, each capturing a unique slice of NITSA’s vibrant energy.

Additionally, every poster features a fluorescent color dot, an homage to both the vinyl proportions synonymous with electronic music and the era’s prevalent acid drug culture. This blend of historical references and modern design principles produced a vibrant promotional tool, capturing NITSA’s unique influence and the exciting essence of the documentary.

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