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Ostro is a life science software company helping consumers and healthcare providers navigate a complex healthcare system. They use software to help to guide healthcare providers and consumers to find the right treatment.

The Challenge

With multiple product lines, as well as multiple stakeholders (patients, clinicians, and life science companies), Ostro, which came to us as RxDefine, was in need of a brand that concisely communicated who they were, what they do, and why they do it. Part of this was developing an easy-to-understand brand architecture to sort through their multiple products, as well as a new name.

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The Strategy

We understood that Ostro needed to be as effortless as their platform makes navigating the healthcare system.

Part of the project was renaming. In an already convoluted industry, it was important to find a name that could cut through the confusion, and was memorable, engaging, and simple to remember.

Through our discovery process, we learned that at its core, Ostro is the technology that connects and links patients, clinicians, and life science companies.

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The Solution

We worked with A Hundred Monkeys to develop a new name. Ostro means ‘a wind in the Mediterranean coming from the South’. The name hints at a sentiment of navigation, core to what the company does.

Drawing inspiration from Meccano, an inventive childhood construction set, the concept of connections and links can be uniquely brought to life. The connection points represent all the connection points that Ostro acts as within the healthcare navigation journey.

The new logo is built on a modular, Meccano-like lozenge, with a corresponding graphic language that extends the language of the logo.

Healthcare is often inundated with complex jargon and unfamiliar acronyms. We made the new brand architecture as easy as possible to navigate by using a simple typeface and a graphic language.

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