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Perch Italia

Perch Italia’s mission is to bring the world a new collection of high-end, beautifully crafted assistive walking products, designed to fit the needs and demands of design savvy, mobility challenged consumers. Founded by Mucho Partner & Creative Director Rob Duncan and Pentagram alumni Jody Corcoran and Kenneth Sweet.

The Challenge

More than ever, people are mindful of their purchasing choices; they expect their products to have strong emotional appeal that helps them to define who they are in the world. This is especially true in fashion and accessories.

People with mobility challenges often need to use assistive walking devices as accessories, however the current market offerings are largely medical grade utilitarian, or vintage throwbacks, with few options for personal expression or choice.

Perch Italia has chosen to address this. Exquisitely designed and precision engineered, Perch Italia is not merely an aid to stability but a statement piece that defines personal style.

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Mobility devices should be so well designed that they become a want-to-have instead of a must-have.
Jody Corcoran, Founder & Managing Director
Cane Collection

The Solution

Thoughtful product design retains the proper function and physicality of these devices, ensuring the device performs its actual job of helping physically support the user. All of this should come together to empower the user, give them confidence, and be proud to go out in the world as they are.

Inspired in equal parts by mid-century Italian furniture, aerospace engineering, and modern jewelry, Perch Italia is designed to be as enduring as it is timeless, blending modernity with tradition.

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Why shouldn’t there be mobility assist products that combine rich materials, beautiful form, and modern engineering? Our goal with Perch Italia was to design a product that could be used with pride; something with all the allure and personal expression of a luxurious watch, handbag, or piece of jewellery.
Kenny Sweet, Industrial Design Director Design Committee
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