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Pepe Andreu Pensando Muebles

This volume celebrates the craftsmanship of Pepe Andreu, a furniture designer whose roots began in cabinetmaking. 

Brimming with functional details, Pepe’s creations embody a deep respect for the tradition of handmade furniture, a principle reflected in the book’s design. 

The binding, non-linear rhythm, typography, and color scheme all encapsulate this ethos of reinvention, inviting a fresh perspective on the classic. Interspersed within the first section of the book, pieces from his collection (highlighted in light green) seamlessly blend with his innovative ideas.

In the final section, Andreu’s work is vividly showcased within the context of a home setting, accompanied by data cards outlining the specifications of each piece. This dynamic system accommodates the ongoing expansion of Pepe’s collection, enabling the addition of new cards. 

As a result, the book serves not only as a beautiful tribute but also as an effective communication tool, keeping Andreu’s audience engaged with his evolving designs.

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