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Mucho UC2023 Lino Cut Overview

UC Investments, Annual Report 2023

“At UC Investments, we believe that when we eliminate what’s not essential, we’re better able to recognize and act on market openings we might have otherwise missed”. 

Mucho was tasked with bringing this concept to life in an interesting and engaging way. 

Less is More

As opposed to thinking of a minimal graphic design language for this years report to represent the idea of ‘less is more’, we decided to demonstrate the ‘process’ by stripping away the unnecessary to reveal the necessary. Designers in the studio along with the help of UK artist Steve Bennett, created all of the artwork by hand.

Using a printmaking technique called linocut, we carefully stripped away the excess linoleum material much as a sculptor does with very sharp cutting tools. Luckily no designers were harmed in this process, although many still have scars from creating linocuts back in art school!

Mucho UC2023 Cover1

The hand-crafted blocks were then photographed to be used throughout the report. To complement the illustrations, we chose an ‘inktrap’ style font featuring apertures that appear to be chiseled, much like the linocuts themselves.

The envelope that the report is mailed in shows all of the fillings that were chiseled away. We also embossed the front and back cover to achieve a realistic tactile effect.

Mucho UC2023 Cover3
Mucho UC2023 Spread1
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Mucho UC2023 Spread3
Mucho UC2023 Spread15
Mucho UC2023 Spread14
This is my tenth year as the University of California’s chief investment officer and the ninth that we’ve worked with Mucho on our annual report. The reason is simple. Each year, Mucho helps us transform one-dimensional numbers into a vibrant showcase of our investment journey and culture. They turn dull into daring. We’re excited for what’s to come.
Jagdeep Singh Bachher, Ph.D. Chief Investment Office
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