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Yosoy, The Spanish leader in the plant-based beverage industry, teamed up with Mucho to redesign their brand and packaging to reflect their product quality and stay ahead in a rapidly changing and competitive market.

The Challenge

The rapid rise in the consumption of plant-based beverages has led to a wave of larger companies vying for a share of the market traditionally dominated by smaller players. 

As a pioneer in this industry, Yosoy, needed to redefine its visual universe to effectively compete and continue its leadership in the Spanish market, producing 150 million liters annually.

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The Strategy

Yosoy’s main goal was to revamp their packaging and position it in parallel with the superior quality of their product. 

Their new identity required encapsulating their values and history in an appealing manner to their consumers, attracting new audiences and mirroring the changing paradigm. 

Mucho stepped in with a strategy to condense and clarify Yosoy’s intended communication into a concise message suitable for the back of the pack - a key touchpoint for the brand.

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The Solution

Mucho created a distinctive graphic system, emphasising Yosoy’s human aspect, origin, and provenance through textured, energetic strokes. The design elements featured rough cuts and edges, mirroring the imperfections of nature, while the logo adopted a handcrafted aesthetic resembling letterpress, thereby encapsulating the brand’s flow. This design solution reinforced Yosoy’s identity, resonating with their commitment to quality and natural origins.

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The colours are the most audacious element in the brand breaking all resemblance to any existing products in the category. A luminous and energetic colour palette codes the flavour varieties of the product, yet it never makes use of primary colours. As a consequence, the product portfolio has a bold and novel personality, simply unmissable in the supermarket aisle.

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