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The Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI), a global association of renowned graphic designers and illustrators, holds an annual congress for knowledge and experience sharing. In the 2019 Rotterdam congress, an innovative initiative was carried out - a Socratic Dialogue on the future of design education, infused with the element of drawing.

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The strategy involved turning the discussion into a visual exploration, aiming to encourage creativity and collective insights about design education’s future. The result was a transcript capturing the essence of this unique dialogue, inclusive of the participant’s drawings, reflecting the free-flowing nature of the discussion.

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The design solution was a facsimile of the dialogue, succinctly communicating its core ideas. This transcript, with unedited drawings, echoed the Socratic Dialogue’s principles. Design elements, such as format, stock quality, and ink colors, were chosen to mirror the original setting, enhancing the authenticity of the document.

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05 wearemucho agi 4