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Explore Alcantara’s fresh brand design. This Kuwaiti sports holding company, known for its bold visual identity and diverse sports portfolio, from events to activewear, sought a strong and distinctive visual brand. That’s precisely what we crafted at Mucho.

A rich brand behavior

Alcantara is sports holding company. In their portfolio they count some of the most interesting sports firms in kuwait, ranging from the organizers of sports events to modest activewear brands. Breaking away from the traditional group brand mold of being sober and understated, Alcantara’s vision was to establish a strong and distinct visual brand. Their three core values -Ambition, Innovation, and Trust- needed representation somehow. The solution for the visual symbol was simple. With three triangles merging into one we represented this three key meanings combined. When this happened, the A of Alcantara was also formed.

This gave rise to a rich brand behavior characterized by triangular geometries, making the brand easily recognizable. Alcantara’s brief proves instrumental when one can see how this distinct brand can be prominently featured at sports events or fashion venues, serving as the powerhouse behind a particular commercial sports brand.

Alcantara Values
Alcantara Logotype
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