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Bobo Choses

Embarking on a mission to redefine children’s fashion, Bobo Choses turned to Mucho to solidify their brand positioning, enhance visual consistency and create a fresh narrative. Drawing from their roots in a quaint Mediterranean town, the brand sought to craft a unique language that echoes the duality and simplicity of childhood.

Bobo Choses, originating from an old toy factory, is a vibrant kids’ fashion brand aimed at fostering engagement among families worldwide. Despite global recognition, the brand faced a challenge: their identity and philosophy were not entirely comprehensible to their audience. The task was to create an authentic and appealing narrative that encapsulates the brand’s philosophy.

To address this, we found inspiration in the bobo bird, native to Cuba, symbolizing a unique combination of clumsiness and grace, akin to the childlike charm the brand personified. This led us to identify the key brand concepts of ‘Mistake’ and ‘Reflection/Duality’ that resonated with the freedom and contradictions inherent in childhood.

With these concepts, we designed a versatile visual ecosystem for Bobo. The brand’s logo reflects duality and error, introducing a flexible system with limitless possibilities. The geometric shapes enabled us to create the Bobo icon, lending a playful touch to the garments. By incorporating ‘Mistake’ into the art direction, we added a sense of unpredictability, capturing the essence of childhood perspectives.

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