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Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Bohlin Cywinski Jackson is an architecture firm renown for projects throughout the world, including: The Liberty Bell Center in Philadelphia, Pixar Animation Headquarters, beautiful residences, libraries, institutions, and iconic Apple stores. Mucho collaborated with Bureau for Visual Affairs to redesign and develop a new responsive site for the firm.

The new website mirrors the way BCJ approaches each project, starting with a blank piece of paper. Throughout the website, we sought to explain the firm’s thought process and absolute attention to detail and craft that BCJ puts into every one of it’s projects.

On rolling over a project, the original drawing/sketch of the building is revealed, demonstrating that the thinking, problem-solving and design is sketched and worked out at the initial stage of the project. The final project photography corresponds directly with the original sketch for each project.

Through a framework, the “Nature of Circumstance”, BCJ believes architecture is shaped by a specific set of circumstances relating to each project. For instance:

– The Nature of place, natural or Human-Made
– The Nature of People
– The Nature of Making

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With both intellect and intuition, the firm responds to the nature of circumstance and reveals the essence of elements, rather than impose its will on a place. The final design is derived by pursuing these questions and solving problems, rather than having any style or pre-conceived notions about how a building should be located, what it should look like or how it should function.

BCJ’s new website highlights the vast diversity and beauty of the work, while also promoting the unique process and approach of the firm. In design, content and functionality it really represents the personality and experience that each client receives, no matter the scale or type of project.

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