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Facing the need for a unified brand identity after decades of growth and mergers, CABKA, a pioneer in reusable transport packaging, embarked on a transformative rebranding journey. Seeking recognition as a crucial logistics partner rather than a mere supply chain element, CABKA aimed to underscore its commitment to smart design, material engineering, and environmental responsibility through a central theme of “Transformation.”

The Challenge

CABKA, a key player in the reusable transport packaging industry, faced a branding challenge after decades of mergers, acquisitions, and multinational growth. The company sought a unified brand that would resonate across teams, sites, and product families, reflecting a consistent narrative, verbal, and visual identity. Their rebranding aim was to be recognized as a pivotal logistics partner for large corporations, rather than being seen as a mere producer of one element in their client’s supply chain. Furthermore, CABKA wanted to enhance its value of smart design, material engineering, and recycling expertise. Lastly, they wanted to position their use of recycled materials not merely as a differential attribute, but as a competitive advantage that could reduce clients’ global carbon footprints.


The Strategy - Transformation Matters:

The new brand’s central idea was “Transformation” - a dual concept affecting clients’ performance when incorporating CABKA’s products into their chain, and alluding to the distinctive added value of creating products from waste. This narrative sets Transformation as the innovation compass, with design as the enabler. The brand concept encapsulates CABKA’s spirit of resourcefulness and relentless innovation, leading to performance and impact. This idea was embodied in the tagline “Transformation matters.” The tagline emphasizes CABKA’s commitment to their central value and the critical relevance of the material they focus on - plastic waste.

The Solution - Visual Language and Clear Voice:

The visual language was created anew, while retaining the logo’s simple elegance, which was made lighter and more refined. The color palette was updated for a fresher look, and a secondary palette was introduced for product differentiation.

Graphics were incorporated into the visual language for dynamism, illustrating the transformation concept. A distinct tone of voice was developed based on the new brand’s values, and key messages were crafted for diverse corporate uses to compellingly convey the brand’s narrative. Lastly, customer-centric commercial communications were structured using icons and targeted photography to emphasize product design value.

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